spring fwd »

the spring of 2012 is coming just around the bend. can’t you feel it? the incoming winter, the layers of first snowfall turned twenty… its a beautiful time as well. but more on dear winter later. before we befall full winter, i can’t help but to delve into the decadent facet of spring.

the collective, my heart + eyes say: oui. 

lets start with the illustrious, creative, compelling Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. He brings us spring incarnate within an item as simple and necessary as the clutch. Floral in print, Forward in concept, Feminine at its best. 

tres bien. this clutch of the collection is one of my favourites. it embodies two things i favor most: femininity and boldness all in one. its a stand alone piece that is unique in its design but simple in its functionality. you could carry but three items in this and be content with its use just for its beauty. i love the intricate vertebrae wreath encompassing the flora. 

worn with a simple print, or flowing fabrics, this bold but playful clutch could be the perfect accessory when you want spring to follow you wherever you go. bonjour flora. 

carrying a tisci clutch, she’s doing something right & she’s on the go. 

 she is a vision.

nevermind the model with slightly skeletor face. take in the dress. the movement is what gets me in this piece as well as the colouring. i am in love with the wheat coloured embellishment paired with soft meringue yellow. the silk organza that wraps this singular piece in its intricate but steady flow is beautifully done. the slight puff in sleeve is a nice off-set to the bare shoulder, with just the right length in the dress itself. after all, i have always loved the look of legs. Riccardo Tisci enables the fierce female with this piece. 

 the artist-designer himself, Riccardo Tisci.

i love his coat, the collar: lovely. [and i like his gruff]

Riccardo Tisci. i love the theme of chosen colours in this collection. peek at the detail of the backs. burst of unexpected colour and embellishment feasting on the delicate fabrics. modern in its creation. your posture had better be upright to properly give these beautiful pieces a go. it speaks to me in soft volumes, and lulls me into the lush rebirth of spring

                                   a flower bud is poking out of green to be seen. 

up close and ivory. 

here we can take a closer look at a tisci piece that is yes, dramatic & detailed, but pretty brilliant. bolero meets colonial jacket meets the Sun King of Versailles. enter: bead work, tiny details of ruffle work in whimsical rows, and a fantastique ivory skull with wings entrenched in it all mid-lower back. i fancy that small detail, gives such character. pair this with skinny black silk slacks and noir stilettos, and you have a killer ensemble. 

next up: collective | spring’s simplicity. 

// creme

   i truly love this.

it takes two sugars and creme to court me from the black, so serious the bleu; i never could turn back. undulates the time, wrapping me in film; evaporate my steam, ive become distilled. 



it dawned on her to carry on, nevermind the brook

she felt compelled, to hold her sandals — overlook the look 

her other near, capturing photos of the scene

his quiet yet frenetic energy, her sense of calm

trickling south the river bend 

due for tea in ten, the afternoon would be 

extended. there was much too much to let in.

steady it brought peace over them. 

grazing their day, unassumingly. 

inviting itself to nap on their sun-kissed shoulders.